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Kimishima Mio and her husband live in a small house, she does housework and her husband goes out to make money, her daily work is just around the small house the couple rented in the middle of a big city, her husband She often works overtime and comes home early and comes home late, rarely spending time with her family.... Suddenly one day, the husband brought home a tall, muscular foreign guy, who was her husband's colleague because he had just moved with her. Because he was working in this country, he still couldn't find a place to live. The kind husband immediately took him to his house for a few days so that he could comfortably find a house. To welcome her husband's new friend Kimishima Mio, he prepared a small party. young after her husband's shift, at the party they both talked passionately about work and the foreign guy talked about life in his old country. After a few drinks, the husband was both drunk and tired. collapsed right on the table, leaving only Kimishima Mio and the other black guy. While serving wine, she accidentally spilled it on him and quickly dried the other guy, but unexpectedly while wiping, she saw her friend's erect cock, thinking back to how her husband always came home late from work made her feel unsatisfied during lovemaking, so she couldn't help but reach out and caress the black man's big cock several times. For the first time, enjoying a black Western cock like this made her a little scared because it was bigger than she imagined, but nothing could overcome her desire. At this point, she gently put that cock into her mouth and kept sucking. It was as if a lion had been starved for a long time. Making love right next to her husband was too dangerous, so they both decided to take each other into the room and then the wife's sublime days followed.

DASD-786 The prostitute's wife was propositioned by her husband's black colleague
 Movie Code: DASD-786 
 Movie Studio: