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The story takes place at a gym, a lustful man accidentally finds a time-stopping watch - something every man wants to own. Without hesitation, he immediately tested the effectiveness of the watch. After feeling bored of playing with the pigtails of the girls in the room, he chose Yui Asano to release his cock because she looked so hot. the most. After just a few clicks, Asano was as obedient as a doll, allowing him to freely touch her and then give him a Bj. That's why it made him bored, so she clicked one more time for everything to return to the way it was before. she moved. Surprisingly, Asano did not scream or fight back but enthusiastically joined in. Perhaps the perverted man made her reveal her own lustful nature that likes to fuck each other.

CRB-042913-324 The clock stopped time and the man was lecherous
 Movie Code: CRB-042913-324 
 Actor: Yui Asano